4 Misconceptions about Interior Designers

In India, few believe interior designers only play with matching furnishings and fabrics, making everything look good. And some think that the beautiful designs of houses that they see onTV series or televisioncan’t be achieved by them, below we will discuss few of those misconceptions people have about Interior Designers

Interior Designers are Expensive:

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about Interior designers, which is stopping them to pick up the phone to call or schedule a consultation meeting with Interior Designers

We at Turnkey Constructions & Interiors, we will work within your cost. We can help you give something creative touch for that empty wall in your house or we can handle your new luxury villa, our approach, our dedication our eagerness to help you will remain the same, and we will always work with your cost. So, click on below link and book your consultation meeting with us.

Designers are Rigid and Uptight:

We understand that how this misconception has come up and spread among most people, they think the designers tends to behave like “my way (or) high way”, but the truth us far from reality.
We at Turnkey construction and interiors are flexible,we start the design with your requirement in mind, understanding your needs and wants, then suggest the best things for you

I can do it by myself why would I Hire?

This is another big misunderstanding about interior designers. Many people believe they have good eye for color combinations, form which are enough to design their house. While it is good to have that keen eye and imagination, there are some critical components of designing that only a designer can provide.

They won’t reflect My Taste:

Everyone wants their home to reflect their taste and no one wants to be left with a house which is not reflecting their taste

We at Turnkey construction and interiors, before beginning your project, our designer will sit with you and learn your requirements and needs, then proceed with 3D images, have 3-4 versions for each room if required, will start working at your place only once you are fully satisfied

Now that you understand the misconceptions people have about Interior designers, if any of the above mentioned misconceptions were holding you back please pick up the phone and call +91 87983 99999 or book appointment now by clicking on